Comes The Fall

Beth Duncan
Martine Tabilio


The title track on Beth Duncan's CD,  Comes The Fall , won an Independent Music Award (IMA) for best song!


                                 COMES THE FALL / Music & Lyrics by Martine Tabilio

Comes the fall, and the leaves turn to flame as the sunbeam cools to a rich golden flame

Like a harvest moon lying low and lush on display


Comes the fall, flocks of birds float away to a warmer land

Still the night extends a gentle hand while the earth spins away from the day.


Come fall, I know your summer smile will hold the chill at bay

Come fall, I know you'll stay the while to see us through the long and wintery day

Then the spring, reappears to the world with a boastful smile all it's colors aswirl

But you and I miss the soft shades of fall.