I’m All Yours is one of those rare albums where everything goes right. Marked by poise, maturity, and exemplary taste, the project is an ideal pairing of artist and material. ” - Andrew Gilbert


Beth Duncan

Jazz Vocalist

Vocalist Beth Duncan applies her warm, robust contralto to a collection of finely crafted tunes on her long-awaited third album, I’m All Yours, set for a July 24 release on Saccat Records. While the album’s ten tracks are an eclectic bunch, they are all the work of composer and lyricist Martine Tabilio, a friend of Duncan’s for over a decade. Saxophonist-flutist Jacám Manricks provides the arrangements and joins a band led by acclaimed pianist Joe Gilman, and featuring guitarist Steve Homan, bassist Matt Robinson, drummer Rick Lotter, and percussionists Guy Kowarsh & Brian Kendrick, to round out the Sacramento singer’s cast of collaborators.

B E T H    D U N C A N 


A treasure trove of melodic invention, distilled emotion, and vivacious wit, the American Songbook can also serve as a gilded cage, confining jazz vocalists to oft-interpreted material written during first half of the 20th century. Sacramento jazz vocalist Beth Duncan has never been one to do things by the book, and her new album I’m All Yours exemplifies the ample creative rewards of grappling with the present moment. A collection of songs written by Oakland-based composer and lyricist Martine Tabilio, I’m All Yours is Duncan’s third release, and it’s a persuasively swinging project brimming with smart new songs that deliver many of the pleasures found in American Songbook standards. It’s also a confident and deeply satisfying statement by an artist who has come into her own at middle age. 

As on her first two albums, Duncan is joined by a stellar cast of players, including pianist Joe Gilman, vibraphone legend Bobby Hutcherson’s go-to accompanist in his last years, and Australian-born multi-wind expert Jacam Manricks, who crafted the album’s consistently arresting arrangements, while also contributing elegantly thematic solos on flute and tenor and soprano saxophone. His charts provide an array of rhythmic settings for Duncan, who imbues each piece with a lived-in narrative drive. 


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